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Welcome to the sailing program where you have an opportunity for adventure, to explore and socialize in a primitive setting: sailing. Very few areas have the opportunity to sail on a coast with special islands including the Channel Islands. Refer to Richard Henry Dana's "Two Years Before the Mast".

On many of our cruises we visit the Channel Islands often referred to as California's Galapagos. We usually do this in 3 days during which you can expect quite an adventure including a visit to Painted Cave (considered the largest sea cave in the world). The Chumash Indians lived on San Miguel almost continuously for over 11,000 years. When Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo arrived in 1542, as many as 2,000 Chumash Indians probably lived here. And the islands remain totally primitive. You will see an abundance of wildlife and indigenous plants; frequent dolphin sightings and an occasional whale sighting.

You do not need to have experience sailing to join our cruises (we do need to know what experience you have and we may need to talk to you about that).

How Do I Get On the Cruise?
The next step to get on the cruise is to get on the crew list. I need to have your check made to the "Sierra Club" and send it to me at 1313 Foothill Blvd #10, La Canada, CA 91011. If you have any questions, you can reach me at (818)790-0110. Priority is based on the date I receive your check. Include your sailing history (even if none or you gave it to me before), day and night phone #, address and e-mail, Sierra Club #, and the date of the trip you want to go on.

Even on a warm sunny day it can be remarkably cold on the water. Please come well prepared. You will be outside all day. Going down below is warmer but more subject to motion sickness. Layering is recommended; a wind breaker, fleece, and polyester or polypro for a base layer e.g. capilene. Have a string to secure your hat and sun glasses. A wool ski cap is excellent. Bring gloves. We will spend each night aboard so bring a sleeping bag. The berths have pads.

Moving around on deck requires rubber non-skid soles. White-soled jogging shoes or tennis shoes are usually ok. Most regular sailors prefer 'boat shoes' that have a pattern of razor-cut slits on the sole. Some dark soled shoes & sandals can mar a white deck and we may be charged for that. Boots are not acceptable on the boat.

Your skipper (leader) has as his priority your safety and enjoyment. To ensure a safe trip your skipper needs your agreement to follow his instructions without argument if the need arises. Even if you have lots of experience and know more than he, and are certain of a better way, it is better to follow a coordinated plan rather than add confusion by challenging his lead. A good rule to follow is to ask questions or make suggestions after the task or situation is completed. You will not be expected to know the technical.

Everyone is expected to participate; not only in the sailing, but in loading the boat, galley chores, unloading and cleaning up after the trip.

The time to take a seasickness remedy is before you sail. If you wait until you feel queasy, it may not do any good. One of the most effective is Bonine (meclazine Hcl). It is over-the-counter. The best plan is to examine any possible side-effects on a week-end day at home on terra firma. You are encouraged to take the medication the night before sailing. It's good for 24 hours.

All trips are on a strictly share the cost basis. The check you sent covers your share of the boat rental. Food and drinks will be arranged by the skipper. Bring cash or a check to reimburse the skipper for the food at the end of the trip.

Cancellation Policy
A $10 fee may be levied for cancellations. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to departure we still have to pay for the boat, and so cannot refund your trip fee (even if you are ill or injured).

There are no upcoming sailing trips.
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