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Hi 20s & 30s Friends!

Have you ever led a hike in a place so special that you wish you could help keep it the same way forever?

Have you ever asked yourself how can I make a difference in protecting the places I enjoy to hike?

We are so excited to announce to you the launch of our new Conservation Committee, with co-chairs, Erik Counseller and Juana Torres. The purpose of the committee will be to make conservation fun, easy and accessible for all our leaders and outings participants. The new committee will help you identify special threatened areas that need our protection and will make it easy for you to answer some of the questions above and take action to insure that these places are around for us to enjoy for a long time.


Erik Counseller and Juana Torres
20s & 30s Conservation Committee Co-Chairs


Start Date Event Title Coordinator Participant
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There is no upcoming conservation event.