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 Death Valley camping in September! Are we Crazy? NO! Join us on camping adventure as we camp at an elevation of 4000 ft in the mountains above Death Valley National Park on Friday evening (the days are warm and nights cool!). Trailhead in the 60's. Saturday, we'll hike to the top of Telescope Peak-the highest peak in the Park, at 11000 ft, with spectacular views in all directions. You will see Badwater in Death Valley on one side and the Panamint Valley on the other... The lowest (-282 ft below sea level Badwater Basin) and tallest (Mt. Whitney 14,505 ft) locations in the continental US can be seen from the top of Telescope peak.  We also visit the Charcoal Kilns. The hike itself is a 14 mile round trip with 3000 ft elevation gain. The hike is considered strenous due to the gain and distance. The weather, while always unpredictable, should be in the 60's and 70's. Dress in layers, bring 10 essentials for the hike and camping gear.  Sunday optional peaks are available. Trip includes happy hour snacks, a Saturday night dinner & breakfast Sunday. BYOB. Bring your $20 check for the Sierra Club or send to the leader at 16300 Calahan St Sepulveda, Ca 91343 and include your membership number or you can pay  by Pay Pal  (sc2030acct@gmail.com) and email leader with H & W #'s, e-mail, ride share info. Leader: David Hyman; Asst:  Kevin Schlunegger & Bijan Mozaffarian.  Cancellation Policy: Just let us know 2 days before the trip.
Fees charged are only used to cover direct expenses (campsite fees, food, transportation, etc.)  In the event of any financial profit from this activity, the funds are turned over to the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club leaders are all unpaid volunteers who want to share these places for you to enjoy. If you're not already a member, please consider joining the Sierra Club to show your support and help us protect more of nature's wild places. 

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CAR CAMP TO KINGS CANYON: 10/19/2018 - 10/21/2018

Join us for a weekend of "hot water" camping in Kings Canyon National Park!
We'll camp and hike and cross the Kings River.

Will it be cold? Average low temperatures for our campground are around 40 deg. F.  Average high temperatures are around 70 degrees. Trip leaders are not responsible for deviations from the average.

Hot water only? Yes:  We’ll provide hot water at breakfast at a designated campsite.  We’ll provide hot water and hot charcoal at dinner.  You’ll bring your own food, a small ice chest to keep it cool, and you’ll prepare your own meals.  Please take a look at the sample menu at the end of this write-up.  This is not a foodie trip (unless you plan to bring and cook great food), but the benefit is that the location is beautiful, and the trip is affordable.  And if we forget something, there is a small store and a restaurant (diner) nearby.

Campground:  The campground has running water and flush toilets, but no showers.  Campground location will be emailed to participants.  We'll have limited parking available at the campground averaging two parking spots for every five people.  Our spots will be allocated to carpools of 3 or more per vehicle, then, space permitting, 2 or more per vehicle. Overflow parking is available at the campground entrance.  Our campground is in bear habitat, so all food and scented items will need to fit into a food storage locker.

Food:  Bring your own food and beverages for this trip. Please bring a small ice chest with ice to keep your food cool.  Better yet, share an ice chest with your carpool. You may bring a stove to cook dinner or you may decide to make do with the hot water and charcoal provided. Please check out the sample menu at the end of this write-up and you may decide that you don’t need a stove.

What’s included in the trip fee?  Campsite, hot water at breakfast and dinner, hot charcoals and aluminum foil so you can grill something at dinner, warm dish water after breakfast and dinner, hand soap and a few other hand & dish hygiene materials

Do I have to help out at camp? Yes.  Each person will help out at mealtime (breakfast or dinner) or in the evening.  Tasks involve either keeping the thermoses full of hot water for the duration of the meal, or taking trash from our campsite to the dumpster each time our trash cans fill, or setting up water to wash dishes after the meal.

Which hikes are we leading as part of the trip? All hikes are optional and will be decided on later  All hikes will be along established trails and will be led by at least two Sierra Club leaders.

Friday:  You may arrive at camp after 3:00 PM to set up camp.   Enjoy dinner on the road or go over to the restaurant (diner) in nearby Cedar Village.  Hot water available until 7:30 PM. 

Saturday: Please join us at the hot water campsite to make your own breakfast.  Hot water will be available
between 7:15 AM and 8:30 AM, then dishwater will be available for 15 minutes.

We'll have a hike (led by 2 SC leaders, along established trails).

Your dinner, optionally grilling over the charcoal provided. Hot water and hot charcoals will be available from 5 PM to 6:15 PM, then dishwater will be available.

Sunday:  Please join us at the hot water campsite to make your own breakfast. 

Then pack up and leave camp by noon.

If you’re new to camping:  Trip leaders including Christina and Rolf, will be happy to help.  Let us know if you want pointers (a list of things to bring, advice setting up your tent) or if you have other concerns.

Alcohol:  If you want to drink alcohol on this trip, bring some. But if you like to drink to excess, please skip this trip.

1. Children allowed.  I (Rolf) am bringing my preschooler and my toddler.  If you’d like advice about camping with a toddler, please ask me.

2. Participant fees cover direct expenses (campsite fees, propane, other supplies, transportation, etc.)  The Sierra Club leaders are all unpaid volunteers. Please consider joining the Sierra Club!

Sample menu
 This menu is only a sample.  You may bring/make something completely different:

Typical breakfast (Saturday, and Sunday):  Why not have coffee and instant oatmeal, using the hot water provided.  Spice it up by mixing some fruit and nuts into your oatmeal.  Alternatively, yogurt with nuts or fruit to go along with a PB&J sandwich.
Typical lunch (Saturday):  On your own.  We'll be away from camp, so make sure you have a way of keeping it chilled if necessary.  Bring 4 quarts of water if hiking.
Typical snack (Saturday): A banana and a granola bar.  Or an apple, an orange, and some trail mix.
Typical dinner (Saturday):   Hot water, hot charcoals, and aluminum foil will be provided. Bring sausages (pre-cooked?), bell peppers, and onions to grill or steam these by wrapping them in foil and placing that on the grill.  Wrap a potato in foil and cook it in the coals. Bring a bun to complete your hot dog(s).  Alternatively, make shish-kabobs. Bring brownies for dessert.  

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NAVIGATION NOODLE WITH THE LTC: 11/17/2018 - 11/18/2018

Let's improve our outdoors skill set by learning map and compass navigation and/or completing the I-level navigation check-out!  With any luck, our section will soon have some I-rated leaders so all of our members can enjoy some off-trail hikes!

This event is for Sierra Club leaders and for those in the process of becoming leaders. It's an opportunity for us to get together, learn, have fun, and get to know each other better.

Interested in becoming a Sierra Club leader?  Email Rolf at: rolfm (at) alumni.caltech.edu

The navigation noodle is taught by the Angeles Chapter's "Leadership Training Committee" (LTC).  The LTC offers several navigation events throughout the year.  Leaders from our section are promoting the November navigation noodle and several of our 20s & 30s leaders are planning to attend. 

-> Saturday's navigation noodle is for practice with instruction by expert navigators.

-> Sunday's navigation noodle is for I-level check-off or for additional practice. Must do homework before the navigation noodle for formal I-level check-off.

Details regarding the navigation noodle and sign-up instructions can be found at:


This navigation noodle will be held at the Mission Creek Preserve and features free camping for participants!  

To sign up, email Robert Myers (rmmyers@yx.netcom.com) with your contact info, navigation experience/training, any WTC, leader rating, rideshare info.  Please tell Robert that you're with the 20s & 30s Section so that, hopefully, you can carpool with someone in our section.


If you want some practice before the navigation noodle on November 17th and 18th, the LTC is offering a free one-on-one navigation class on October 20th:


The October 20th class requires a $25 deposit to hold your spot.  If you show up, you get your $25 back!

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