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CATALINA ISLAND IN PARADISE: 09/02/2017 - 09/04/2017

Join us on an amazing  get-a- way  to beautiful Catalina Island for a vacation in paradise.


A fantastic 3-day Catalina Island vacation awaits you twenty-six miles across the ocean at Camp Emerald Bay. Camp Emerald Bay, located on the undeveloped West End of Catalina Island, has secluded beaches and coves and enjoys unparalleled access to the natural gems of Catalina's singular ecosystem. The hiking trails that radiate from camp provide the perfect opportunity to spot the Catalina Island Fox or even an occasion wandering Bison. This well-preserved environment, under the care of the Catalina Island Conservancy, provides a uniquely accurate window into the natural history of California.


 If you like to mix endless fun activities, and great people with a beautiful coastline along with crystal blue water, then look no further! This trip has been occurring annually for over 15 years now and it gets better every year. 


Activities: Your weekend boasts a full schedule of both day and nighttime organized activities. Daytime fun includes: leader led hikes, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, volleyball, sunbathing, scavenger hunt, fun competitions, and plenty more. Nighttime activities include: happy hour, karaoke, and optional singles’ mixers, dance lessons with expert teachers, dancing to hip tunes played by a DJ, games, campfire hosted by a musician, or simply relaxing and stargazing.


Boat Transportation: We will be chartering two boats that will depart from and return to Long Beach. The boats will depart on Saturday morning (September 3) and return Monday (September 5) late morning and afternoon.




Option 1) Pre-assembled 2 person platform army style tents (wood floor, canvas walls/roof, 2 cots with mattress --typically the tents hold up to two persons with no setup required) Couples can push together two cots in the platform tents to make a single larger bed.


Option 2) Rustic wood cabins w/electric lights/outlets with bunk beds sleeps up to 8 persons. Cabins are same sex.   Each cabin has an attached bathroom.  Arrangements can be made to share a cabin with groups of friends. If you don’t have a roommate in mind, no worries! You will easily meet people on the boat ride over or we will assign you to a cabin.


Bathrooms and Showers: Emerald Bay has flush toilets and hot showers.  There will be separate  units men and women.


Food: Great meals are prepared daily by experienced camp staff and served buffet style in a large dining hall. Breakfast typically includes eggs, pancakes, cereal, and much more. Lunches are simple, usually either a sandwich bar or hot food. Dinners may include chicken one night and steak the other with veggie options; and of course we always have dessert. You will not be disappointed.  In general, vegetarian is available. No one has ever gone hungry on this trip 


Who should come: This trip is open to everyone over the age of 21; singles and couples are welcome. The group size is typically around 300 people and the age range varies from late 20s to 50s  on this well attended trip.  We set-up many activities to help people make new friends.  Many of our participants are first timers who often come on their own, but leave with many new friends. Team Events: Typically we have some organized competitions for those of you who wish to partake as well as some other surprises. 


Trip fee includes: Round trip boat transportation, camp & landing fees, platform tent w/bed and mattress or cabins, catered food (Saturday lunch through Monday lunch), activities including: kayaks, snorkeling equipment rental, hiking, dance lessons, and much more. 


Early Bird Pricing - Ends July 10, 2017


Trip Fee for Sierra Club Member


• Price with platform tent accommodation - $290

 • Price with cabin upgrade - $310


Trip Fee for Non-Sierra Club Member


• Price with platform tent accommodation - $311

 • Price with cabin upgrade - $331



Pricing after July 10, 2017


• Price with platform tent accommodation - $315

 • Price with cabin upgrade - $335


Trip Fee for Non-Sierra Club Member


• Price with platform tent accommodation - $336

 • Price with cabin upgrade - $356


Trip fee does not include:  Parking Fees for the weekend and Boat Taxi Fees (Optional).  The parking charge with validation for the weekend at the Pike Parking Lot is $40 –so ride sharing/public transportation/or being dropped off is advised.   Please note:  The boat company indicates a $40 parking charge, but the last few years the charge at the gate has only been $25 with validation. On Sunday, most people choose to hike to a town called Two Harbors in the morning and catch a water taxi back, the charge for the water taxi is approximately $15.


Regular Pricing 


For first time new member applicants, a one-year Sierra Club membership can be purchased for $15 prior to the trip allowing you to benefit from the Member price and a free gift. Just click on the "Join Sierra Club Now!!" link at the bottom of the20s and 30s website.


 Payment Options


• Check: make payable to SIERRA CLUB, ADDRESS TO BE PROVIDED IN SEPARATE EMAIL. You must register on-line on sc2030.org before sending in your check.  We  prefer checks so we don't have to pay the PayPal Charge.


• PayPal: Please use the PayPal button in your Reservation Status area to submit your payment. Your reservation will be finalized when your payment is received.


For reservation questions, email  Jason  Hashimoto at  sc2030jason@yahoo.com and general inquiries to Ron Domash at rdomash@yahoo.com. All trip information will be transmitted to participants via email about 30 days from the trip date.


Check out our Catalina-Island-Camp-Paradise Facebook page [click here to join the FB page: http://on.fb.me/2011Catalina] and post your favorite Catalina picture.


This trip is a fundraiser; net proceeds will go to the Inner City Outings, Angeles Chapter and 20s and 30s Section.




Reservations and Payment:


How do I make a reservation for this trip?  You need to log on to www.sc2030.org.  If you have not registered for this website before, you will need to register for the website before signing up for this trip.  Once you have registered, to make your reservation first click on the Calendar tab, then click on multi-day trips and select the Catalina Trip. Scroll down the page until you see the "Make Reservation" icon; click on that to make your reservation.  Once you do this, you will then get an email that you are awaiting approval – we will approve you shortly. Once approved then you can make your payment. Please note that you cannot make a payment until you have been approved.


How do I make payment for the trip? You can make your payment by check (until 3 weeks prior to the trip), or by PayPal. We prefer checks so we don’t have to pay the extra Paypal charge. To pay by check: make your check out to Sierra Club (there are several price options with other payment details listed on trip description page at sc2030.org). To pay by Paypal (after approval): log on to our website, go to the My Membership tab on the top of the page and select Event participation. Click on Reservation Status, click on Awaiting Payment, and then you will see the Paypal button next to the Catalina Trip.


How do I join the Sierra Club? Do I get a discount for the trip if I join? To join the Sierra Club: Go to sc2030.org, click on the tab at the very bottom of the main page titled Join Sierra Club Now!!!  Right now there is a special $15 membership offer with which you get a free daypack.  For first time new member applicants, a one-year Sierra Club membership can be purchased for $15 prior to the trip allowing you to benefit from the Member price and a free gift.  


Do I need to join the Sierra Club to attend this trip?  No. Everyone is very welcome.


Note:  Please be patient with our website as it is a bit older now - and we know it needs updating.  Also, be patient with all of us volunteers because we all have other jobs and may not always be able to answer your questions on the moment.


Can I pay at the discounted rate for a family member or friend if I am a member and they are not? No, each person must be a member to receive the discount.


Can I sign up my friend or family under my reservation (+1)? No. Each person must sign up individually. This is the only way we can keep track of everyone. Both the boat company and the camp need a list of everyone in attendance.


When does the early bird discount end? How much will the price go up?  The early bird price ends on July 10.


What is the cancellation policy? You may cancel 60 or more days prior to start date and receive a full refund. Cancellation 14-59 days prior to trip start date, you will receive 50% refund. 0-13 days or missed boat, no refund will be given. All exceptions to this policy shall be reviewed by Trip Organizer/Leader Ron Domash after the completion of the trip.


How do I cancel my reservation? Log on to sc2030.org, go to My Membership tab, then click on the Event Participation tab, and select the Reservation Status tab. At this point click on Delete Reservation to change your reservation status.


What times do the boats depart and return?

Boat 1:

Departure from Long Beach to Emerald Bay/Catalina Island - Saturday, September 3

Registration: by 6:30 am; Boards 7:00 am; Departs 7:30 am.

Return from Emerald Bay to Long Beach - Monday, Sept 4

Boards 10:00 am; Departs 10:30 am (estimate time back to Long Beach is noon)


Boat 2:

Departure from Long Beach to Emerald Bay/Catalina Island - Saturday, September 3

Registration: 7:15 am; Boards 8:00 am; Departs 8:30 am.

Return from Emerald Bay to Long Beach - Monday, Sept 5

Boards; 3:30 pm; Departs 4:00 pm (estimated time  return to Long Beach is 5:45 pm)


Note: Boat times are subject to change.


How do I sign up for the boat?  You must make full payment before you will be able to sign up for a boat. Once you have made payment, you will receive an email with a link. Simply click on the link to sign up for your boat. Please note that there are two departure times on Saturday and two return times on Monday, both of which are listed on the boat sign-up page.  If you don’t click on the link in the email, the next time you log into sc2030.org you will be directed to the boat sign-up page.  You can also use this link: http://www.sc2030.org/my_membership/reserve_boat.php?url_event=OD0EI1LST2


Can I switch boats once I have signed up? Yes, but once a boat is full you will have to sign up for the other boat by just going back to the link above. There will also be an opportunity to switch boats for the return trip home. We will post a sign-up board and waiting list to switch boats outside the mess hall.


Where do I catch my boat? Details about where to check-in and boat loading will be provided in the trip information package; in general, the boat departure is very close to the Long Beach Aquarium.


Do I have to carry my luggage a long way?  No. Just a little way.  You can drop off your luggage at the check-in location prior to parking your car.


 I get seasick, what should I do?  You might want to bring seasickness pill with you. We suggest using the non-drowsy type so that once we get to the island you can partake in all the fun activities without being sleepy.


How much does parking cost for the weekend?  Our boat vender has indicated Parking at the Pike parking lot with validation with cost $40.  Although most years - they actually charge less (strange). If you don’t want to pay the full price, consider finding someone to carpool with.


 How do I arrange for a Carpool?  The Sierra Club does not arrange for carpools and is not responsible or liable for those arrangements.  However, you can use meet up messaging or other social media to arrange for carpools. There is a carpool tab in the trip information page.  You can enter your information and people can email you directly. Additionally, you can also use the comments section of the Catalina Island’s meet up page to arrange for carpool. 


 Accommodations and food:


Is this camping? No, we are staying in a summer camp – you will not need a tent for this trip. You will be staying in either a cabin or a platform tent.


What is the difference between a Cabin and a Tent Cabin?  Platform tents have a wood base, green canvas sides, and two cots with a mattress each inside (think the TV show Mash). The platform tents typically hold 2 persons, but you can have one to yourself if you choose to. The rustic cabins are single rooms that sleep up to 8 people. Typically there are no more than 6 people per cabin.  We have male only and female only cabins. We do not have coed cabins. The cabins are located in the front area of the camp, while the tent cabins are in the rear. Both cabin and platform tents have one mattress per bed. However, you will need to bring your own sheet(s), pillow, and sleeping bag.  If privacy is an issue for you and you do not want share a cabin or a tent, you have the option to stay in a platform tent by yourself.


Does the camp have showers? Yes, there are free hot showers at camp. But you must bring your own soap and shampoo.


Can I upgrade to a cabin after I have signed up? Yes, the cost is $20.  You can go directly to Paypal.com or send us a check to the address on the Trip Description. For Paypal:  Log on to Paypal.com and enter in the following address: payment@sc2030.org and pay the $20. Or send a check for $20. Refunds for switching from a cabin to a tent after payment is made are not available.


 Do I have to make advanced arrangements for a roommate? No. We will make the arrangements when we arrive. If you have 6 or more people in your group of friends, you can get your own cabin. Otherwise, you will likely have to share.  You don’t need to tell us in advance who you are rooming with as we handle this when we get to the island. Our leaders will handle cabin check-in once we get to camp.


How do I get a roommate? If you are staying in a cabin, you can let us know if you have some friends you would like to share with-otherwise we will assign you to a cabin.  If you are in a tent, you can stay in your own tent or pick a roommate.


Should I come on the trip if I am not coming with a group of friends?  Yes, you will meet lots of people quickly so please join in.


Cancellation Policy:


You may cancel 60 or more days prior to start date and receive a full refund. Cancellation 14-59 days prior to trip start date, you will receive 50% refund. 0-13 days or missed boat, no refund will be given. All exceptions to this policy shall be reviewed by Trip Organizer/Leader Ron Domash after the completion of the trip.

More Information
 Death Valley camping in September! Are we Crazy? NO! Join us on camping adventure as we camp at an elevation of 4000 ft in the mountains above Death Valley National Park on Friday evening (the days are warm and nights cool!). Trailhead in the 60's. Saturday, we'll hike to the top of Telescope Peak-the highest peak in the Park, at 11000 ft, with spectacular views in all directions. You will see Badwater in Death Valley on one side and the Panamint Valley on the other... The lowest (-282 ft below sea level Badwater Basin) and tallest (Mt. Whitney 14,505 ft) locations in the continental US can be seen from the top of Telescope peak.  We also visit the Charcoal Kilns. The hike itself is a 14 mile round trip with 3000 ft elevation gain. The hike is considered strenous due to the gain and distance. The weather, while always unpredictable, should be in the 60's and 70's. Dress in layers, bring 10 essentials for the hike and camping gear.  If we have more then 15 in the group,  some of the group will do Wildrose Peak, a 2200' gain in 8.5 miles round trip. The first 12 to register and prepay will have their choice of peaks.  Sunday optional peaks are available. Trip includes happy hour snacks, a Saturday night dinner & breakfast Sunday. BYOB. Bring your $20 check for the Sierra Club or send to the leader at 16300 Calahan St Sepulveda, Ca 91343 and include your membership numberor you can pay  by Pay Pal and email leader with H & W #'s, e-mail, ride share info. Leader: David Hyman; Asst:  John Wilson, Kevin Schlunegger &  Tejinder Dhillon.  Cancellation Policy: Just let us know 2 days before the trip.
Fees charged are only used to cover direct expenses (campsite fees, food, transportation, etc.)  In the event of any financial profit from this activity, the funds are turned over to the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club leaders are all unpaid volunteers who want to share these places for you to enjoy. If you're not already a member, please consider joining the Sierra Club to show your support and help us protect more of nature's wild places. 
Cancellation Policy:
Just let us know by September 20 th for a full refund

More Information