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CATALINA ISLAND FUN IN THE SUN 2019: 08/31/2019 - 09/02/2019

Contact us:
Reservation & general inquiries: Justin Bruno - catalina.registrar@gmail.com
General inquiries: Ron Domash/Trip director - campron22@hotmail.com

The trip is sold out and a waitlist is in effect. If any cancellations occur, we will send an email to everybody that has signed up and is on the waitlist and the first person to respond that they will make immediate payment will get the spot. 

If you enjoy a mix of fun activities and friendly people within steps of a beautiful coastline, then look no further–a fantastic 3-day Catalina Island get-away awaits you just twenty-six miles across the sea at Camp Emerald Bay. Located on the rustic northwest end of Santa Catalina Island, the camp has easy access to secluded beaches, coves, and to the natural gems of Catalina's fantastic coastline.

This annual trip has been occurring for over 20 years and is attended by over 300 participants ranging in age from their 20’s to 60’s. (Note: you must be 21 or over to attend.) The holiday weekend is loaded with activities from hiking to snorkeling, and from dancing to just relaxing. While many participants come with friends, many also come on their own to enjoy the weekend and meet new people. It’s a great place to have fun with friends, both old and new!

Your trip fee includes: Round trip boat transportation between Long Beach and Camp Emerald Bay, platform tent accommodations (upgrades are available– see below for options, details and pricing), all meals prepared by Camp Emerald Bay Staff, access to all camp equipment and all activities, and water taxi transportation from Two Harbors to Camp on Sunday.

Trip fee for Sierra Club member
Standard Price includes platform tent accommodation - $320
Upgrade Price with cabin - $340
Trip Fee for Non-Sierra Club Member
Standard Price includes platform tent accommodation - $339  
Upgrade Price with cabin - $359 

Accommodation Options:
All accommodation options require bringing your own pillow, sleeping bag, or sheets/blanket.
Option 1) Two Person Platform Tent: (Standard Price includes tent accommodations)  These army-style canvas tents are set up on raised wooden platforms, and each has two cots with mattresses. You may have a tent to yourself, or share it with a person of your choice. Tent occupancy is first-come first-served and no assignments or reservations are made.
 Option 2) Cabins: ($20 upgrade fee per person)One room cabins offer bunk beds for up to 8 people, and provide electric outlets, overhead lighting, and storage lockers/drawers. Participants will be matched with others of the same gender and roughly the same age group and assigned to a specific cabin prior to departure. Arrangements to be grouped with friends and/or have a co-ed cabin must be made before the trip.
Option 3) Private rooms ($20 upgrade fee per person + $225 flat fee per room): There are a very limited number of private rooms available. Each have a bunk bed (single size bed on bottom and single size bed on top) and can accommodate a total of 3 people. Each room has a Jack & Jill style bathroom (with a hot shower) that is shared with one other private room.

Showers and Restrooms: Emerald Bay has restrooms throughout camp with running water, flushing toilets, as well as hot showers. You must bring all of your own toiletries and towel.

Meals: All meals are prepared by Camp Emerald Bay staff and served buffet style in the large dining hall, with covered patio seating on a large deck with ocean views. Breakfast typically includes eggs, pancakes, sausage, cereal, fruit, and more. Lunches are a sandwich bar, with fruits and other snacks. Dinners may include chicken, fish, beef, and veggie options. And of course, we always have dessert! Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets can be accommodated.

Activity Details: The weekend boasts a full schedule of activities both day and night. Daytime activities include yoga, hikes, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, volleyball, sunbathing, relaxing, and plenty more. At night we offer happy hours, karaoke, social mixers, dance lessons given by professional instructors, a dance floor with a professional DJ, games, campfires (with s’mores!) hosted by musicians, not to mention the amazing view of the stars if you want to just relax. Note: All activities are optional. All hikes will be on established trails and have a round trip distance of 2 to 7 miles with elevation gains of up to 1,800 feet, and be led by Sierra Club leaders.

This sounds awesome! Sign me up!! Here’s how:
Each person must register under their own account at www.sc2030.org and be approved before making payment. Payment instructions will be provided via email once your reservation for the trip has been approved. Payment can then be made via Check or PayPal. We prefer payment by checks so we don't incur PayPal transaction fees. Checks are only accepted until August 10th.

A comprehensive trip information packet will be emailed to finalized participants ~approximately 3 weeks before the trip.

Additional Expenses: There are a few additional costs not included in your registration fee so please budget for these and bring cash and credit/debit card.

  • Parking w/validation from our boat company is estimated at $32 for the weekend.
  • There is a small general store in camp, and shops, bars and restaurants in Two Harbors. Any purchases made at these are at your own expense.
  • There will be an optional water taxi for $20 (Cash Only) from Camp Emerald Bay to Two Harbors on Sunday. Most folks hike to Two Harbors, but a few prefer the boat ride.
  • Licensed Massage Therapists will be available in camp at various times. Massages cost ~$30 per half hour (Cash Only).
  • A limited number of 2019 commemorative T-shirts will be for sale for $15 (Cash Only). 

Boat Transportation & Schedule: Our boats will depart from and return to Long Beach. Times are approximate. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

Boat A:
Departure from Long Beach to Emerald Bay/Catalina Island - Saturday, August 31
Registration 6:15 am/ Boards 7:00 am/ Departs 7:30 am/ Arrives 9:30 am
Return from Emerald Bay to Long Beach: Monday, September 2
Boards 3:30 pm/ Departs 4:00 pm/ Arrives 6pm
Boat B:
Departure from Long Beach to Emerald Bay/Catalina Island - Saturday, August 31
Registration 7:15 am/ Boards 8:00am/ Departs 8:30 am/ Arrives 10:30 am
Return from Emerald Bay to Long Beach: Monday, September 2
Boards 10:00 am/ Departs 10:30 am/ Arrives 12:15 pm


How do I make a reservation for this trip?
Create or log into your account on www.sc2030.org.
Click on the “Outings and Events” tab
Find the Catalina trip on the calendar.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Make Reservation" button.
You will receive an automated email that you are awaiting approval. Only after being approved can a payment be made. Please be patient as we are all volunteers and we may not always be able to reply immediately.

How do I make a payment for this trip? Payment instructions will be provided by email after you have been approved for the trip.

Can I upgrade to a cabin or private room after I have paid the trip fee? Yes. Contact the trip reservationist and pay the cost difference for the accommodations upgrade. Refunds for switching from a cabin to a tent after payment is made are not available.

Do I have to make arrangements in advance for a roommate?
  • Staying in a tent: No. You can stay in any available tent, either on your own with the person of your choice. Note: We do not make any tent assignments or reservations.
  • Staying in a cabin, attending alone: No. You’ll be assigned cabin-mates semi-randomly
  • Staying in a cabin, attending with others also in a cabin: Yes. The Reservationist will need to be provided with the names of everybody in your group so assignments can be made in advance. If you have 6 or more people in your group, you can have your own cabin. Cabins are not co-ed unless arrangements are made in advance for groups of 6-8 participants. Arrangements are not made until payment is made.

Should I come on the trip if I’m by myself? Yes! We have many social activities where you will meet people and make friends. A significant number of people every year come on their own

Do I need to be a Sierra Club member to attend this trip? No. Non members do not benefit from discounted pricing but everyone over the age of 21 that is physically fit enough for the activities is welcome to join.

How do I join the Sierra Club? Creating an account on our website is not the same as signing up for the Sierra Club. To join the Sierra Club, go to www.sc2030.org, and click the “Join Sierra Club Now!!!” link in the bottom right corner. You will be redirected to the member sign up. For first-time members, a one year Sierra Club membership can be purchased for $15 (normally $39) prior to the trip. You will receive a promotional gift for signing up plus discounted member pricing for the trip!

Can I sign up my friend or family under my reservation (+1)? No. Each person must sign up individually. This is the only way we can keep track of and communicate directly with all participants. The Sierra Club and Camp Emerald Bay all require an accurate list of everyone in attendance.

How do I sign up for a boat? Once the full payment has been made, an automated email with instructions and a link to select your boat selection will be sent. Alternately, logging into your account on www.sc2030.org after being finalized for the trip will prompt you to make a boat selection. It is the participant’s responsibility to sign up for a boat. We do make assignments or make sure you are on the same boat as anybody else.

Can I switch boat reservations once I have signed up? Yes. You can log on to your account and switch boat reservations at any time if there is space still available.

Can I switch boats for the return trip? There will be an opportunity to switch boats for the return trip home. This is not arranged before the trip and we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests. A first come, first served boat swap sign-up sheet will be posted outside the mess hall that you may sign up for. Further instructions will be given on the island.

Where is the meeting point for the boat? The boat departure is close to the Long Beach Aquarium. Specific details will be provided to finalized participants before the trip.

Do I have to carry my luggage a long way to the camp? It is a few hundred yards over dirt and sand from the dock to the campground so duffle bags and backpacks may be a better option than wheeled luggage.

What is the refund policy?
45+ days prior the trip will receive a full refund.
15-44 days prior to trip will receive 50% refund.
0-14 days or missed boat, no refund will be given.
All exceptions to this policy shall be reviewed by Trip Organizer/Leader Ron Domash after the completion of the trip.

How do I request a refund?
In order to be considered for a refund you must request the refund before the trip. This allows us to account for it properly and it opens up your spot to be filled by somebody else.
Log into your account on www.sc2030.org
Go to the “My Membership” tab -> “Event Participation” -> “Reservation Status”
Click on the link to the right of “Finalized”
Click on “Request Refund” for the Catalina Trip 

Fundraiser: This trip is a fundraiser; net proceeds will go to the Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors (formerly Inner City Outings), Angeles Chapter and 20s & 30s Section.  For the last several years, proceeds from this trip have sponsored a kids’ camp at Camp Emerald Bay.

Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment of any trip participants, volunteers or others who participate in Club-sponsored activities is prohibited.  All complaints of sexual harassment will be treated seriously.  Please report any such incident of sexual harassment to any trip leader.  


More Information
 Death Valley camping in September! Are we Crazy? NO! Join us on camping adventure as we camp at an elevation of 4000 ft in the mountains above Death Valley National Park on Friday evening (the days are warm and nights cool!). Trailhead in the 60's. Saturday, we'll hike to the top of Telescope Peak-the highest peak in the Park, at 11000 ft, with spectacular views in all directions. You will see Badwater in Death Valley on one side and the Panamint Valley on the other... The lowest (-282 ft below sea level Badwater Basin) and tallest (Mt. Whitney 14,505 ft) locations in the continental US can be seen from the top of Telescope peak.  We also visit the Charcoal Kilns. The hike itself is a 14 mile round trip with 3000 ft elevation gain. The hike is considered strenous due to the gain and distance. The weather, while always unpredictable, should be in the 60's and 70's. Dress in layers, bring 10 essentials for the hike and camping gear.  Sunday optional peaks are available. Trip includes happy hour snacks, a Saturday night dinner & breakfast Sunday. BYOB. Bring your $20 check for the Sierra Club or send to the leader at 16300 Calahan St Sepulveda, Ca 91343 and include your membership number or you can pay  by Pay Pal  (sc2030acct@gmail.com) and email leader with H & W #'s, e-mail, ride share info. Leader: David Hyman; Asst:  Kevin Schlunegger & Bijan Mozaffarian.  Cancellation Policy: Just let us know 2 days before the trip.
Fees charged are only used to cover direct expenses (campsite fees, food, transportation, etc.)  In the event of any financial profit from this activity, the funds are turned over to the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club leaders are all unpaid volunteers who want to share these places for you to enjoy. If you're not already a member, please consider joining the Sierra Club to show your support and help us protect more of nature's wild places. 

More Information